Aug 21

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Nominate a someone for our #WinthropWithoutStigmaAwards

Nominate Someone Today!

In addition to our Mary Ann Lounsbury Community Service Award, this year we would like to recognize a stigma warrior from the each of the following categories; Youth, Adult, Senior, and Local Business. The Awards Committee and the CASA Board of Directors will select recipients after reviewing all nomination submissions. PLEASE NOMINATE as many folks form each category as you like using the Google form (see tickets section). Please join us at the #WinthropWithoutStigma Awards Ceremony on October 1, 2017 to celebrate the winners! Free to attend; delicious dessert and drinks will be served. Fill out a Nomination Form.

As a public health coalition, we aim to create healthy communities. We do this by working to create an environment conducive to healthy living. One main goal of our coalition is to reduce obstacles to good health practices. We know that a significant barrier to this is stigma. We know that stigma causes those who live with it to be; alienated and seen as “others”, perceived as dangerous, seen as irresponsible or unable to make their own decision, are less likely to be hired, less likely to get safe housing, more likely to be criminalized than offered health care services, afraid of rejection to the point that they don’t always pursue opportunities.

Many people don’t feel comfortable talking to their friends and family about what they’re dealing with. Those living with stigma that effects their health often internalize the stigma that exists in our culture, damaging hopes for recovery and success. Some don’t seek treatment from a professional. Their conditions worsen because they aren’t receiving the support and care they need to recover. And too often people take their own lives because they aren’t told by anyone that they’re not alone, they can recover and there is hope.

Everyone is affected by stigma in some capacity; whether it be a problem they face themselves or a friend, co-worker, relative, or neighbor. Stigma has no prejudice! It is CASA’s goal to build a community where people are free of stigma and can get the help they need to be healthy and successful. We can build this by coming together as a community, breaking down the walls, and showing others how they can do the same. We want to celebrate those who work tirelessly to fight stigma in the community and WE WANT YOU to help us identify them.

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