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About Us

Community Action for Safe Alternatives(CASA), a nonprofit organization, founded in May 1997 by a group of concerned parents who saw a need to work to reduce drug use among their children’s peer group.

Over the last 19 years, CASA has grown into a vibrant coalition of over 150 representatives from over 12 sectors of the community including schools, law enforcement, youth and parents, business owners, concerned residents, health care providers and community leaders.

CASA facilitates this collaboration of volunteers and stakeholders to work together with a goal of the implementation of data driven strategies, chosen by the community at large, to achieve chosen objectives with an outcome of reducing risk factors for substance abuse and other high risk behaviors.

As a prevention coalition, Winthrop’s CASA seeks to foster a community environment in which youth and families make healthy decisions. In Winthrop, there are many assets that support youth and families: good school systems, opportunities for community service, youth employment, recreation facilities, social services, and more. All these help make Winthrop a healthy, vibrant community.

Everyone has a role in supporting our youth, our community. Take our community challenge. Ask, “What can I do to foster a healthy Winthrop?” We invite you to explore this question, learn more about our activities, and join us in our community-building approach.


Find Us At:

18 Bartlett Rd, Winthrop

Phone: 617-207-1627

Cell: 617-784-8920

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