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Support Group: Those who are Effected by Addiction

January 19, 2016 @ 6:30 pm
18 Bartlett Rd
Winthrop, MA 02152
Linda Vecchia

Hi my name is Linda Vecchia, I am a long time resident of Winthrop. Tuesdays @6:30 pm, I will be starting up @ Casa, at their new office at 18 Bartlett Road down the center a support group for those who are effected by addiction. Two Tuesdays a month there will be a meeting on a topic related to addiction. Depending on the subject matter, I will have a guest speaker, information, resources, Narcan information, and recovery coach, available to help you deal with this issue. I am also looking to provide other meetings to focus on recovery, parent support group. I know many who have made it, and work really hard to stay clean and change their lives. How can they help us understand that life is better on the other side? The goal is to help the families, those addicted, and the community. Casa, as well as myself, want to change the stigma of Addiction. You are not alone, you should not feel ashamed, and this effects everyone. The worst thing you can do is not address the problem. Getting help can save a life, and provide you with support for your family. Hope to see you Tuesday night. I will provide a calendar of events, topics, and dates. I am a mom of a daughter in recovery, it’s been a long road. I am also the founder of Friends Helping Friends: Dedicated to Recovery, Prevention and Education of Substance abuse in Winthrop. I look forward to meeting u all, and hoping to see those who came to meetings before. Have a great day.

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