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Get Involved

Strength in NumbersThere are many ways in which our community members–youth, prevention colleagues and others–can take action to support CASA. Many opportunities do NOT involve sitting in meetings! We invite each of you to take one action this month to support our community prevention cause.

5-20 minutes or less

Spread the word: Tell a friend about CASA, our mission to create a healthy Winthrop, and our work to support youth and families.

Give us your opinion: Like the computer? Tell us your opinion or post local information on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Advocacy: Respond to one of our advocacy alerts by e-mailing your local representative or senator on a bill that supports prevention.

Letter to the editor: Write a letter to the editor of the local paper to express your support of a community, state or national prevention effort.

1-2 hours per month

  • Put CASA on your organization’s guest speaker’s agenda
  • Attend a monthly coalition meeting
  • Participate in a Special Project
  • Attend a CASA event like the Peaceful Solutions campaign
  • Volunteer at a community event on behalf of CASA

3-5 hours per month

  • Chaperone a youth-led CASA community service project
  • Take a training to build your organization’s capacity to take part in preventing underage drinking, or to support employees in workplace prevention efforts
  • Review your family or workplace policies for rules regarding use of substances. Are they clear? Are consequences delineated? Are support and resources identified?

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