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  • CASA Monthly Coalition Meetings– This group comes together monthly to make efficient use of limited community resources and aims to achieve measurable outcomes in substance abuse and other risk behaviors. These community meetings can serve several purposes; they can highlight a specific issue of concern, draw people together in response to a crisis, determine interest in starting a specific taskforce or enlarge an existing workgroup. Our coalition works together to develop strategies and an action plan that will help make the community less conducive to risk behaviors that lead to substance abuse and other problem behaviors.
  • Massachusetts Opioid Abuse Prevention Collaborative (MOAPC)-CASA is a member of the Winnisimmett Regional Opioid Collaborative (WROC) consisting of the cities of Revere and Chelsea, and the town of Saugus.  The WROC is assessing opioid use in the region and implementing strategies to reduce fatal and non-fatal overdoses and the misuse of prescription drugs.
  • Recovery Coaches-CASA, in collaberation with the Winthrip Police Department and Board of Health provides two Recovery Coaches available to offer non-clinical services that are designed to help initiate and sustain individual/family recovery from Substance Use Disorder, and to enhance the quality of life for individuals, families, and spotlight the value of the Recovery Community as a whole.
  • Gay/straight Alliance (GSA)-CASA founded and supports the GSA at Winthrop High School
  • All Night Senior Party-CASA founded the annual All Night Senior Party to give graduating seniors the opportunity to celebrate the end of high school at an event that is drug and alcohol free.  Each year the seniors stay up all night in the high school gym and are entertained by a variety of performers and artists while listening to great music and eating great food
  • Friends Helping Friends; a parent run support group for any individual affected by addiction. Participants can also receive treatment resources and Narcan.
  • The Youth Advisory Board; a youth led group that provides peer trainings and education on issues facing our community’s youth.

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