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Town of Winthrop Diversion Program


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The Town of Winthrop recognizes that not all delinquent acts must result in a criminal record for the juvenile. Occasionally, an offense is committed by an individual that is more an aberration of generally good behavior than an act of criminal intent.  The Winthrop Diversion Program will address those instances and seek to address the underlying issues giving rise to harmful acts. The Diversion Program will offer the juvenile who commits a harmful act an opportunity to be diverted from the juvenile court system to remedy the harm and to prevent the juvenile from having a damaging court record.



  1. No previous participation in the diversion process.
  2. Offense committed is on a pre-approved list of eligible offenses.
  3. Juvenile and parents/guardian must voluntarily agree to participate in the program.



  1. No violent felony crimes involving a victim are eligible.
  2. Crimes where victims prefer a criminal prosecution to a restorative setting.


If the juvenile meets the eligibility requirements, he/she may participate in this diversion process. A contract outlining the expectations for the offender will be prepared and signed by the juvenile, his/her parent/guardian, and the Diversion Program Coordinator. Program Requirements will be decided by Winthrop Police Department, Town of Winthrop Public Health Department, The Director of Diversion and the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office. If the juvenile has satisfied the requirements at the end of the designated period, the criminal complaint will not be sought. If the juvenile does not satisfy any one or more of the conditions or, if he/she has subsequent offenses, the case will be brought forward, and the juvenile will be arraigned on the original criminal complaint.


POTENTIAL ELIGIBLE OFFENSES: Disturbing the Peace, Disorderly, Minor Transporting Alcohol, Possession of Marijuana, Shoplifting and Trespassing on Premises, Simple Assault & Battery, Disrupting a School Assembly.


For more information about the Diversion Program contact:

LeighAnn Eruzione  LICSW, Program Coordinator (617) 763-0241

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